Self-proclaimed Christian prophet says airplane chemtrails are Satan’s distractions 'from God’s frequency’
Self-proclaimed Christian prophet Mark Taylor (Photo: Screen capture)

A self-proclaimed prophet is issuing a dire warning to Christians around the world: those white clouds that come out of the back of the plane are distractions from Satan.

RightWingWatch captured a video of Mark Taylor's comments during the "Bless to Teach" show over the weekend. While many believe the chemtrails are part of a government conspiracy for mind control, Taylor has another concern. God is reaching out to people on Earth and Satan is using these chemtrails to block the "frequency" on which God is communicating.

While God may be omnipotent and omniscient, apparently His technology is unparallel to Satan's chemtrails.

"Everything in life gives off a frequency,” Taylor explained. And “all of creation cries out to God in the frequency.” Apparently, all prayer travels directly to God's own radio signal. To stop this communication with the Almighty, Satan is using these chemtrails to turn humans into his own “giant antennas” to populate his own frequency and tune out God.

“All the spraying is to detract us from hearing God’s frequency,” he explained. “They are spraying aluminum and barium in the chemtrails and if you look on the periodic table—barium is BA, aluminum is AL; it spells BAAL.”

The references is to an Old Testament god called Ba’al, which is seen as an enemy to the Hebrew god.

This is “no coincidence,” Taylor warned. “We are literally giant antennas, which was intended. If you want to get really deep on this, these entities that the devil has put down here that these Satanists worship or tap into for this knowledge, if you will, they have told them how to do this stuff.”

He went on to say that this has been happening for decades, indeed "for thousands of years." Airplanes have only been around for a little over 100 years. Still, Taylor was unfazed.

“But they’ve tapped into this stuff about how to clog up man’s ears and eyes to be able to sense and feel God every time you’re walking around,” he said.

Watch the "prophet" below: