'The Trump party now': Sharpton and MSNBC panel sound the alarm on Republicans 'embarrassing' themselves
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY, left) and President Donald Trump (right). Image via screengrab.

The Republicans have gleefully handed over the keys to their party to President Donald Trump nearly three years ago, and he's been slowly destroying it from the inside out. Conservatives have been fine with the compromise because it has meant they get the GOP's tax cut and the right-wing judges they've always wanted to stop LGBT equality and women's rights.

But during a panel discussion with Rev. Al Sharpton, the panelists noted the GOP is simply an embarrassment at this point.

"I think that’s the piece we’re dealing with a president with no shame and many Republicans are showing they have very little shame as well either," said former George H.W. Bush aide Joe Watkins.

He explained that it called "public service" not "self-service."

Sharpton found it unbelievable that Republicans get away with Trump not revealing his taxes after spending years attacking President Barack Obama and demanding a "long-form birth certificate."

He asked Dr. Christina Greer how Trump gets away with it.

"Well, we talk about how we're dealing with a president with no shame?" she repeated. "And unfortunately we're seeing that many Republicans are showing that they have very little shame as well. This is so embarrassing for a party to allow themselves -- just because they want to get re-elected because most Republicans are in districts that are single-party districts, in the sense that their primary is the main election."

"It’s the Trump party now," Sharpton retorted.

Watch the discussion below: