This top anti-Trump group is working to blow the lid off the GOP's voter suppression racket

American Oversight, the opposition research group responsible for exposing former EPA chief Scott Pruitt's calendars and Ivanka Trump's use of private email for official White House business, is setting its sights on a new target: the Republican Party's nationwide effort to suppress voter turnout.

The Daily Beast reports that American Oversight's new campaign will be "looking into state governments to dig up the actual motivations, communications, and moneyed interests behind restrictive voter laws" and to see if there are any direct connections between these efforts and Trump administration officials.

Republican-led voter suppression efforts have recently come under scrutiny in states such as Florida, where the GOP-controlled legislature recently imposed financial restrictions on the rights of former felons to vote. Additionally, Republicans in New Hampshire are working on a proposal to stop the state's college students from voting in its elections unless they are also natives of the state.

"Voter suppression is the corruption of democracy itself, and most of that corruption isn't happening in Washington, DC, but in the state and local governments that set the rules for voting," Austin Evers, executive director of American Oversight tells the Daily Beast. "American Oversight has spent two years using public records requests and litigation to expose the truth and hold federal officials accountable, and we're now using that same model to fight corruption in the states."