Trump claims Pete Buttigieg would flop negotiating trade with China -- except Trump is flopping already
Pete Buttigieg and Donald Trump (Photos: and screen capture)

President Donald Trump's trade negations with Chinese President Xi Jinping aren't going well. The negotiators have already said that they know the United States is bluffing on threats. But in a speech Wednesday, Trump claimed Mayor Pete Buttigieg would flop in trade negotiations.

Trump's negotiators admitted this week that the Chinese are backing away from a deal they had hoped to finish by now. It turns out the deal-maker-in-chief isn't such a good deal-maker after all. It's been over a year since the Trump team began talks with China over a trade deal. Meanwhile, American farmers are struggling.

"They allowed China to freely loot our economy, plunder our intellectual property, and target our industries for destruction," Trump told the audience Wednesday. "That’s what’s happening. And look, President Xi is a great guy, a friend of mine. But he is for China. I’m for the USA. We are going to -- they come into tomorrow. Whatever happens, it’ll all work out. You know why? Don’t worry about it. There is no pressure."

The comments aren't exactly music to the ears of farmers hurting over the trade flop.

"He's got a great chance. Representing us against President Xi of China. That'll be great. I wanna be in that room. I wanna watch that one," Trump said sarcastically about Buttigieg.

"You can't get too worried about the name calling & the games he plays," Buttigieg told reporters Thursday while in CA. "I was thinking of a Chinese proverb that goes when the wind changes, some people build walls and some people build windmills."

"You've got to recognize that we need something completely different than what we have in this White House," he went on to say, noting the trade and North Korea negotiations are "no way to engage with one of the major powers in the world. America deserves better."

Watch the video below: