Trump ‘furious’ at his top outside adviser for getting caught in financial scandal: report
Former fundraiser David Bossie and Donald Trump (Photos by Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

President Donald Trump is allegedly "furious" with his close friend and former political adviser and deputy campaign manager David Bossie, according to a report from The Daily Beast.

Bossie is in the midst of a financial scandal. A political organization run by Bossie claimed it was fundraising money for conservative candidates. However, only a "tiny fraction" has supported the candidates, reported Axios.

In light of the scandal, Trump and his team were ready to rebuke Bossie's actions.

"The president’s reelection campaign had gone through multiple drafts of what several sources described as a harsh statement condemning Bossie’s conduct and the group he led," The Daily Beast explained.

However, Trump's team did not release a statement until Tuesday.

"A former senior Trump campaign aide and a current top outside adviser to the president—remained in the can. And sources familiar with the situation say that the campaign’s strategy of punishing Bossie had shifted," the report explained.

It's unknown why Trump changed his mind at the last minute. However, his decision reveals more about the chaos in the White House.

"Why the shift took place is not entirely clear," the report added. "But it reflects how often the political whims can and will shift within the president’s orbit as his advisers try to accommodate his moods without creating too much unnecessary, unforced drama."

Trump was also furious about the Axios report that detailed Bossie's dealings.

"Trump was angry at a report from Axios that revealed how Bossie’s political group, the Presidential Coalition, had raised about $18.5 million since 2017 but had spent just $425,000 on actual political activity, a minuscule percentage for such a large outfit. The group spent even more than that buying books, including pro-Trump tracts authored by Bossie himself," the report said.

Adding, "But few slights bother Trump more than the perception of someone profiting off his name, especially if those funds could have otherwise benefited the 2020 campaign. And, within hours of the report surfacing, the president had instructed aides to deal with it."

In a statement Trump's team said that they "condemn"  Bossie's actions.