Trump is now facing opposition ‘from the right’ -- because he is ‘political cancer’: GOP strategist
GOP strategist Rick Wilson on MSNBC (screengrab)

GOP strategist Rick Wilson explained why Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI) becoming the first Republican to back impeachment is such a major political development for President Donald Trump.

MSNBC anchor Lawrence O'Donnell played a historic clip of Republican Maryland Rep. Larry Hogan, who was the only GOP member of Congress to vote for all three House articles of impeachment against President Richard Nixon.

"I'm a Republican," Hogan acknowledged. "Party loyalty and personal affection and precedence of the past must fall, I think, before the arbiter of men's action, the law itself. No man -- not even the president of the United States -- is above the law."

"Those words were echoed this weekend when Republican Congressman Justin Amash became the first Republican member of Congress to support impeaching President Trump," O'Donnell noted.

For analysis, "The Last Word" host interviewed Wilson, who authored the 2018 bestselling book Everything Trump Touches Dies.

"You know, Lawrence, I sympathize with Justin here because I wrote my book about Trump as a critique from the right," Wilson said.

"All the Trump guys are shocked by that, but there’s a critique by him from the right and I think Amash made it very eloquently," he continued.

"And so I think there’s a little bit of shell shock right now from a lot, that Amash dared to open the gate here," he concluded.