Trump 'is really coming unglued': Conservative worries the president seems more 'unhinged' every day
Max Boot. (Screenshot)

A CNN panel of conservative Max Boot, former Nixon counsel John Dean and host Don Lemon couldn't help but chuckle at the odd parallels with Wednesday's Rose Garden speech and Nixon's "I am not a crook" speech.

As President Donald Trump proclaimed "I don't do cover-ups," he was attempting to cover-up the facts about the meeting he'd just walked out of.

"Why are you laughing, Max? I was going to go to John, but why are you laughing?" Lemon asked.

"Well, I mean, it's such an iconic moment," Boot said.

Dean said that when he saw Trump's "cover-up" statement, he saw it as a Nixon moment.

"I saw a clip of it again, and I said that’s kind of a Nixonian moment, but it’s not a Nixonian style because Nixon would never do what Trump is doing, saying, 'I won’t work with the Congress,'" Dean continued. "He actually tried to work with Congress. He continued to legislate, a lot of foreign travel. But he continued to be president when he was under investigation. But I thought I couldn’t but help but tweet that this was — they were equal remarks."

Boot explained that these are all words of an embattled president.

"I think John is right to draw the analogy, and you’re right to draw the analogy to the 'I am not a crook moment.' My immediate thought was, 'Man, this guy is coming unglued,' except my next thought, of course, was he was never really glued in the first place," Boot joked. "Even by Trump standards, he seemed to be pretty unhinged today."

He went on to say that it made him wonder if it has something to do with losing two major lawsuits this week, attempting to cover-up his financial information.

"And, by the way, the state of New York just passed a law that allows the New York state tax authorities to hand over Trump’s tax returns to Congress and so, you know, one consistent pattern here, as Katherine Campbell and others have pointed out is, Trump really becomes unhinged when he thinks that his enemies are going to get their hands on his financial information," Boot noted. "And that certainly is something that looks more likely today than it did last week and so I think that probably has a lot to do with his crazy outburst in the rose garden."

Watch his full take below: