Trump-loving MyPillow CEO lays off 150 people -- after crediting president's tax cuts for 'economic boom'
MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell (screen grab)

Mike Lindell, the Trump-loving CEO of MyPillow, announced this week that his company will be laying off 150 workers at a facility in Shakopee, Minnesota -- despite the fact that he claimed months earlier that America was in an "economic boom" thanks to the president's tax cuts.

Local news station Fox 9 reports that the layoffs are coming as Lindell is planning major changes to his business. Specifically, Lindell is preparing for the launch of a new website called that is being described as an "online store for entrepreneurs and inventors to sell their products."

Lindell expressed remorse for having to lay off these workers, but he said there was a possibility they could be hired back once gets off the ground.

"I value each and every one of my employees so this is a difficult decision, however this is what is best right now for the future of MyPillow and to prepare for the launch of," he said. "Once MyStore is up and running, we anticipate we will be hiring."

As Vox's Aaron Rupar points out, Lindell last fall said that President Donald Trump's tax-cut package had created an "economic boom" in the United States.

"It’s President Trump," he said last fall when asked about who gets credit for the strength of the economy. "Who else is there that you can attribute it to? It’s him."