Trump 'only cares' about meeting royal family and is 'oblivious' to UK political chaos: report
President Donald Trump meets Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle (Screen cap).

President Donald Trump is scheduled to visit the United Kingdom for a state visit next month, and The Times of London reports that the president doesn't at all seem concerned about the political chaos that has engulfed America's closest ally.

Even though British Prime Minister Theresa May is hanging on to power by a thread amid multiple failed votes on plans to leave the European Union, The Times' sources say that Trump doesn't really want to deal with politics during his state visit and is instead fixated on spending time with the royal family.

"President Trump is said to be 'oblivious' to Theresa May’s political woes and cares only about his meeting with the Queen," the report states. "The US president’s advance planning team are understood to be relaxed about the uncertainty surrounding the prime minister’s future."

Although Trump is scheduled to have some meetings with May during his visit next month, his itinerary shows he'll be spending significant time going to a banquet hosted by the Queen, as well as having tea with the Prince of Wales.