Trump says Americans don't have to pay tariffs -- and then proves himself wrong 7 words later
White House photo of President Donald Trump at the National Day of Prayer. (Tia DuFour)

President Donald Trump on Monday insisted that there is "no reason" that Americans should have to pay for the tariffs he has placed on China -- even though members of his administration have said otherwise.

"There is no reason for the U.S. Consumer to pay the Tariffs, which take effect on China today," Trump wrote before admitting that Americans can expect a 4 percent increase in the cost of some Chinese goods.

"This has been proven recently when only 4 points were paid by the U.S., 21 points by China because China subsidizes product to such a large degree," the president wrote.

Trump went on to note that tariffs can be "completely avoided" by buying from other countries.

"There will be nobody left in China to do business with," Trump said, predicting that business would move to Vietnam. "Very bad for China, very good for USA! But China has taken so advantage of the U.S. for so many years, that they are way ahead (Our Presidents did not do the job). Therefore, China should not retaliate-will only get worse!"

On Sunday, chief economic advisor Larry Kudlow admitted that Americans will be on the hook for Trump's tariffs on Chinese products.

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