Trump supporter admits she was 'surprised' to learn Mueller's report didn't actually exonerate the president
Two female Trump supporters (Screen cap).

A supporter of President Donald Trump admitted this week she was "surprised" to learn that special counsel Robert Mueller's report did not exonerate the president.

In an interview with NBC News, Michigan Trump voter Cathy Garnaat said that she went to Rep. Justin Amash's (R-MI) town hall this week to challenge his view that Trump should be impeached -- and she got caught off guard when he directly quoted from the Mueller report to justify his views.

“I was surprised to hear there was anything negative in the Mueller report at all about President Trump," she admitted. "I hadn’t heard that before."

Garnaat went on to explain that none of the news shows she watches or listens to have ever gone into depth about the contents of the Mueller report.

"I’ve mainly listened to conservative news and I hadn’t heard anything negative about that report and President Trump has been exonerated," she explained.

Despite being from a conservative district, Amash this week got a standing ovation at his town hall appearance in which he stuck by his call to begin impeachment hearings against the president.