Trump's allies want Mueller to appear before Congress so they can unleash their attack-dog lawmakers on him: report
Rep. Jim Jordan (R) during Planned Parenthood hearings - (YouTube screenshot)

Top defenders of President Donald Trump are "itching" to cross-examine Robert Mueller after the former special counsel's first public statement resulted in a wave of support for impeachment proceedings.

"President Trump’s close advisers are increasingly pining for Robert Mueller to be dragged before Congress and subjected to conservative lawmakers’ questions about the conduct and outcome of his investigation," The Daily Beast reported Thursday.

Trump's allies point to three members they think will effectively question the former prosecutor, including Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC), Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL). All three are reportedly members of the House Freedom Caucus, which is chaired by Meadows.

The three also have reputations of being some of the most abrasive members of Congress.

“If they allow Meadows and Jordan and few of the others there, they’ll eviscerate him more than they did Michael Cohen,” predicted Rudy Giuliani, the former Mayor of New York City who spends his time as Trump's unpaid television lawyer.

Fox News personality and unofficial Trump advisor Sean Hannity agreed.

“If you are wondering whether or not Mueller is open to transparency [and] accountability in this deeply flawed investigation, think again,” Hannity said. “Oh, Bob Mueller does not want to answer questions [from] Jim Jordan, Mark Meadows, Matt Gaetz, and other Republicans.”

Mueller, for his part, does not think his testimony is necessary.

“The report is my testimony,” Mueller said on Wednesday.

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