Trump's brazen lies about Mueller show he thinks his own supporters are gullible 'rubes': CNN's John Avlon
President Donald Trump at a 'Make America Great Again' rally (screengrab)

CNN's John Avlon on Thursday was aghast at the sheer number of lies told by President Donald Trump during his 17-minute rant on the White House South Lawn -- and he says it shows he must think his own supporters are idiots.

During a panel discussion about Trump's angry tirade, CNN's Errol Louis said that Trump wasn't spouting falsehoods to convince most people, but rather to give his voters a shield against uncomfortable facts like the ones they heard from special counsel Robert Mueller on Wednesday.

"He's giving some kind of talking points to his die-hard supporters who are not really interested in facts," Louis explained. "They know they are going to support him, he's just giving them something that is plausible to say."

Avlon agreed with Louis's take, but he said it also represented a sad commentary on the state of Trump supporters.

"Why does he think his supporters are such rubes?" he asked. "Why does he have such contempt for the intelligence and analytical abilities of his supporters? And the feedback loop you see and hear between him and some of the opinion hosts on Fox News is extraordinary -- it's unclear who is parroting whose talking points at this point."

Watch the video below.