Trump's entire trade speech destroyed on CNN by WaPo columnist with one brutal observation
Washington Post columnist Catherine Rampell on MSNBC (screen capture)

Appearing on CNN, just as the network cut away from President Donald Trump's rambling national address on a bailout for America's farmers, a Washington Post columnist quickly dismantled the president's plan with a simple -- and brutally correct -- observation.

Sitting in with host Brook Baldwin, columnist Catherine Rampell pointed out that Tump's trade war is forcing him to help out farmers with billions in dollars from the U.S. Treasury -- a great measure of which come from government borrowing.

With Baldwin noting that the president once again said that China would bear the brunt of the tariffs -- only to point out that it is U.S. consumers who are on the hook -- the CNN host asked about where the proposed $16 billion bailout would come from.

"What is the truth"?" Baldwin asked.

"The truth is that Americans' are paying for the cost of these tariffs," Rampell explained. "Including farmers through lost business, of course to China, but to lots of other countries."

"Basically, Trump is saying is, rather than having our farmers sell soybeans to China, let's borrow from China to pay farmers to not sell soybeans to China," she summed it up, adding, "That is effectively what is happening here because we are transferring from the U.S. Treasury."

You can watch below: