Trump's top ally in the House slaps Rudy Giuliani down for his planned Ukraine dirt-digging expedition
Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC). Image via screengrab.

President Donald Trump's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani has not gained a broad base of support from Republicans for his plan to visit Ukraine and lobby the government to help him find dirt on former Vice President Joe Biden.

In fact, according to The Daily Beast, even one of Trump's staunchest allies in the House, Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC), is expressing his doubts that the whole thing will do any good for the president.

"I don't know that he needs to go there and encourage that investigation," said Meadows to the Beast. "There's plenty that's going on right now with regards to the Ukrainian involvement in a variety of aspects. Mr. Giuliani going there, I don't know if that actually will speed up any investigation that has already started ... I don't know that he's being helpful or hurtful. The investigation is going to go on at a pace that does not take into account his travel to Ukraine."

Meadows has been one of Trump's key allies in trashing special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation, and has supported the president in his war against congressional oversight.

Giuliani is hoping to dig up more information on Biden's son Hunter's work for a Ukrainian utility company that was under investigation by the nation's top prosecutor, which Biden pressured the country into dismissing. The idea that Biden was at all motivated by a conflict of interest has already been debunked — the prosecutor in fact terminated that investigation a year before, and was forced out over legitimate corruption concerns.