Trump's White House has its hands full attempting to shut down 20 separate investigations: report
President Donald Trump sits at the funeral of former President George H.W. Bush on December 5, 2018 at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. /Screenshot

According to a report in the Washington Post, the administration of President Donald Trump is under 20 separate investigations, with the White House stonewalling on all fronts after undergoing scrutiny by special counsel Robert Mueller.

The report states "President Trump and his allies are working to block more than 20 separate investigations by Democrats into his actions as president, his personal finances and his administration’s policies."

According to the Post, the White House strategy includes refusal to cooperate with inquiries -- shutting off any information that could make it to investigators.

"Trump’s noncooperation strategy has shifted from partial resistance to all-out war as he faces mounting inquiries from the Democratic-controlled House — a strategy that many legal and congressional experts fear could undermine the institutional power of Congress for years to come. All told, House Democrats say the Trump administration has failed to respond to or comply with at least 79 requests for documents or other information," the report states. "The president is blocking aides from testifying, refusing entire document requests from some committees, filing lawsuits against corporations to bar them from responding to subpoenas and asserting executive privilege to keep information about the special counsel’s Russia investigation from public view."

According to a White House official, Democrats are over-reaching in their attacks on Trump.

“There are rules and norms governing congressional oversight of the executive branch, and the Democrats simply refuse to abide by them,” explained deputy White House press secretary Steven Groves. “Democrats are demanding documents they know they have no legal right to see — including confidential communications between the president and foreign leaders and grand jury information that cannot be disclosed under the law. This White House will not and cannot comply with unlawful demands made by increasingly unhinged and politically-motivated Democrats.”

Kerry W. Kircher, who previously served as House counsel for the GOP, disagreed, saying, White House intransigence marks “a complete breakdown and complete obstruction of Congress’s role. If the court signs off on this stuff, then we’ll have an imperial presidency. We’ll have a presidency that will be largely unchecked.”

The Post notes that the 20 investigations include, "Trump, his family or the White House that have been met with partial or complete stonewalling by the administration."

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