‘Tweeting while intoxicated?’: Newt Gingrich mocked for crazy tweet on ‘Muller’ and ‘Trumpo’
Newt Gingrich speaks to CNN

"Are you tweeting while intoxicated?"

That was the question former National Security Advisor and former UN Ambassador Susan Rice posed to Newt Gingrich, after he posted a strange and wholly false tweet Wednesday.

Not only are the four typos and an extra space thrown in, but Gingrich is just plain wrong.

As Mueller and countless legal experts have explained, the DOJ does not accuse anyone of a crime unless they are willing to and can bring charges. Mueller in Wednesday morning's remarks said just that, adding to do so would be unfair.

And his claim that "If not guilty Trump is innocent," is just wholly false.

Ambassador Rice wasn't the only one mocking and chastising Gingrich. Take a look: