WATCH: Trump confidant says black people are 'brainwashed' to hate the president
President Donald Trump and aide Omarosa Manigault (Screen capture)

Herman Cain, a Trump confidant who was recently forced to withdraw his nomination to serve on the Federal Reserve’s Board of Governors, said on Tuesday that black Americans don't support President Donald Trump because they're getting "brainwashed."

In an interview with TMZ, Cain insisted that black voters should back the president because he's done so much to lower the unemployment rate since taking office. When the man interviewing him pointed out that Trump's support among black voters is still historically low, Cain then claimed that the media coverage had wrongly convinced black Americans that Trump is racist.

"They're getting brainwashed according to the news they watch," Cain said. "It's been statistically shown that certain stations, certain news outlets, they're not telling the entire truth. And in some cases, people are being brainwashed."

Cain also ripped athletes of color who have refused to attend White House ceremonies after winning championships.

"That's not their job!" Cain fumed. "Their job is to entertain!"

He then suggested that these athletes had also been subjected to media "brainwashing."

Watch the video below.