White House spokesperson denies it was 'awkward' to have to praise Trump after he reportedly threw tantrum
Hogan Gidley -- Fox News screenshot

Appearing on Fox News with "Media Buzz" host Howard Kurtz, White House Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley claimed there was nothing awkward or humiliating about having President Donald Trump call on staffers to testify to his calmness during a live press conference following reports he stormed oput of a meeting..

With host Kurtz giving Gidley a helping hand by calling House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's (D-CA) claims that Trump slammed his hand down and stormed out of an infrastructure meeting into question, the spokesperson compleined about the news coverage.

"When he [Trump] leaves a meeting with Nancy Pelosi, and all they do is mischaracterize his demeanor and take whatever she says lock, stock and barrel -- I mean, it would be so nice to have a complicit, compliant media the way the Democrats do, but we don't," Gidley confessed.

As for having to praise Trump as Gidley did when asked about the meeting in question -- only for it to be revealed that he wasn't in attendance -- Gidley called it part of his job.

"Was it awkward for all of the advisers to have to vouch for the boss?" Kurtz asked.

"Absolutely not, " Gidley shot back. "Especially when you're in the face of 92 percent negative news coverage against you."

Gidley later battled with Kurtz who pointed out that there was no dispute that Trump left the meeting "abruptly", with the White House spokesperson -- true to form -- quibbling over what exactly "abruptly" means.

You can watch below: