Ana Navarro taunts Trump supporters in The View’s studio audience: ‘Are you going to screw up again?’
Ana Navarro (ABC)

Ana Navarro mocked a few Trump supporters sitting in the studio audience for Friday's episode of "The View."

The conservative co-host hoped Democratic candidates would attack each other less and help find a candidate who could defeat President Donald Trump next year.

"I"m a registered Republican, I'm not voting in the Democratic primaries," Navarro said. "I am just begging and begging all of you, work it out amongst yourselves and give me someone that can beat Donald Trump."

The studio audience cheered her remarks, but host Joy Behar pointed out there were some dissenters out there.

"Not everybody was clapping, we have Trump voters here," Behar said. "What do you say to them?"

Navarro paused for a moment to think.

"Are you going to screw up again?" Navarro said.