Brits express anxiety that Trump will cause massive chaos during upcoming UK visit
Donald Trump's awkward encounter with The Queen (Photo: Screen capture)

President Donald Trump's upcoming state visit to the United Kingdom could not come at a worse time in British politics.

The Washington Post reports, "The expectation in Britain is that Trump won’t be able to help himself from lobbing a grenade or two into the country’s delicate political moment."

The UK is on a collision course with Brexit and the government of Prime Minister Theresa May has collapsed.

Adam Thomson, who served as the British ambassador to NATO, explained the dynamics.

“He’ll say dreadful things about Brexit that will upset at least half the British population,” Thomson said.

In fact, Trump is so unpopular, that his support of Boris Johnson for Prime Minister may backfire on the former London mayor.

“An endorsement of Boris Johnson will hurt, not help, Boris,” Thomson explained. “Praise for a no-deal Brexit will hurt, not help, no-deal Brexiteers.”

Amanda Sloat, a European politics expert who served as a State Department official, also worried about the timing of Trump's visit.

“It is hard to imagine anything, including a Trump visit, making British politics worse than they are now,” Sloat said. “He sees the European Union as an economic foe, welcomes Britain’s decision to leave the E.U. and has taken a predatory approach to bilateral trade talks.”

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