Bush ethics lawyer calls for Bill Barr to be impeached in epic rant
Prof. Richard Painter was the chief White House ethics lawyer.

Richard Painter, former ethics lawyer for President George W. Bush was furious about the recent news that President Donald Trump is more than willing to accept help from foreign powers to undermine his political opponents.

In an interview with MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle, Painter said that the acts by Russia and other foreign government are an example of "subversion and foreign espionage." Meanwhile, the president of the United States finds the act acceptable.

Painter warned that if Congress doesn't open an impeachment inquiry then he'll continue to do it, time and time again. "We're going to have a repeat of 2016," he said. If Republicans in the Senate are unwilling to put the country first, Painter said they need to be kicked out in 2020.

"He is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors," Painter said. "It’s right in the Constitution. They need to impeach him now. If the Democrats don’t do that, we do not want to choose between liars and losers. We want leaders who are going to enforce the law as set forth in the Constitution."

When the host asked if Barr should have anything to do with the investigation, Painter exclaimed that Barr must be impeached along with Trump.

"He was working for the defense team before he became attorney general," said Painter. "He was writing memos for the defense lawyers. He interviewed with Donald Trump -- wanted to be his lawyer in the Mueller investigation. Then he comes over to the Justice Department and wants to supervise the Mueller investigation? He's redacting the Mueller report. He's refusing to share it with Congress. He should be impeached along with the president."

Watch Painter's full statement below: