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Canada to ban single-use plastics in 2021: Trudeau



Canada will ban single-use plastics from 2021, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Monday, declaring it a “global challenge” to phase out the bottles, straws and plastic bags clogging the world’s oceans.

“I am very pleased to announce that as early as 2021 Canada will ban harmful, single-use plastics from coast to coast,” Trudeau said, arguing Canada has a unique chance to lead to fight against plastic pollution as the country with the world’s longest coastline.

Trudeau said that in Canada less than 10 percent of plastics are currently recycled.

Each year a million birds and more than 100,000 marine mammals worldwide suffer injury or death by becoming entangled in plastic or ingesting it through the food chain.

“You’ve all heard the stories and seen the photos. And to be honest as a dad it is tough trying to explain to my kids,” Trudeau said.

“How do you explain dead whales washing up on beaches across the world, their stomachs jam packed with plastic bags? How do I tell them that against all odds, you will find plastic at the very deepest point of the Pacific Ocean.”


Straws, plastic bags, cutlery, plates and stir sticks would be among the items banned, a government statement said.

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2020 Election

Conservative writer warns Democrats all the ways they could blow it in 2020



On Tuesday, Never Trump conservative and The Bulwark editor Charlie Sykes wrote an editorial in Politico warning that Democrats could snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in 2020 — and urged them to not do anything foolish.

"Donald Trump remains historically unpopular because the past three years have cemented the public’s image of the president as a deeply dishonest, erratic, narcissistic, Twitter-addicted bully. As a result, a stunning 57 percent of voters say they will definitely not vote to reelect him next year and he trails Democratic challengers in key states," wrote Sykes.

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‘A nightmare’: Even ICE agents are fed up with Trump’s ‘dumbsh*t’ political stunts



When President Donald Trump is hoping to rally his base, one of the things he typically does is try to remind supporters how tough he is on illegal immigration. But according to a report by The New Yorker’s Jonathan Blitzer, agents for the U.S. Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) are growing increasingly fed up with being used as a political football.

Blitzer notes that on June 17, Trump announced there'd be immigration raids the following week he promised would result in the deportation of “millions of illegal aliens.” But ICE, Blitzer reports, had to “scramble” in order to accommodate Trump’s announcement and wished he had given them more advance notice.

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Trump’s sneak attack on social security — and how the president thinks he can quietly get away with it



Donald Trump’s recent budget proposal included billions of dollars in Social Security cuts. The proposed cuts were a huge betrayal of his campaign promise to protect our Social Security system. Fortunately for Social Security’s current and future beneficiaries, he has little chance of getting these cuts past the House of Representatives, which is controlled by Democrats.

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