CNN's April Ryan flattens Trump for his Mexico trade deal lie and exposes the reason behind it
April Ryan -- screenshot

Addressing a report that the trade deal with Mexico that President Donald Trump proudly boasted about on Friday night was actually put together months before he threatened devastating tariffs, CNN contributor April Ryan explained why Trump waited until the last minute -- and why he didn't want the public to know about the history behind the deal.

Speaking with host Martin Savidge, Ryan smirked when asked about Trump's boast.

"Yeah, Martin like what is old is new, right?" Ryan began. "Basically, when this deal was done before, it was done with the then Homeland Security head Kirstjen Nielsen, and you know the president has a problem with Nielsen and she is no longer in the White House. So he wanted to make it look like he had a fresh face and it's nothing new here --nothing new."

"He wanted to package to make it look like he is doing it," she continued. "This  is the kind of thing that they do. It's a lot of smoke and mirrors around the White House to repackage or rebrand, what have you. The bottom line is it's about the fact it was done by Kirstjen Nielsen. Anything she did, or a person she was close to, even General John Kelly. Anything both of them did, it's kind of along the wayside and they are making it new. If they like the idea they going to try to rebrand it like it was theirs."

"It's all about the disdain for people and trying to say this is mine versus theirs," she concluded.

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