CNN's Jim Sciutto levels Trump for laughing with Putin about election meddling
Jim Sciutto -- screengrab

A clearly disgusted CNN panel hammered Donald Trump on Friday morning for his glib comments to Russian President Vladimir Putin to stop meddling in U.S. elections, with host Jim Sciutto launching into a stunning diatribe about the president.

After showing a clip of Trump mockingly agreeing to instruct Putin to stay out of U.S. affairs, Sciutto called the president's cavalier attitude "disturbing."

"It was disturbing frankly because you saw the U.S. president and Russian president sharing a joke," Sciutto observed. "In effect, the president smiled, kind of waved off the idea of Russian election interference and Putin was smiling as well."

"That serves Russia's interests, right, to undermine the assessment Russia interfered in the election and the seriousness of that assessment," he continued. "This is not the only time he did so. In repeated encounters questioning that assessment, seeming to go to the Russian side as opposed to the side of the U.S."

"I'll tell you another thing that struck me just in the last hour or so here is when the British Prime Minister, Theresa May, when she met with the Russian president she said in no uncertain terms there can be no normalization of relations between Britain and Russia while it continues its irresponsible and destabilizing activities which she cited including the example of misinformation," he added. "So why can the British prime minister say that in definitive terms but the U.S. president misses repeated chances to do so?"

Watch below: