CNN's Tapper busts Trump for lying about Pentagon's Iran attack casualty numbers
CNN's Jake Tapper (Photo: Screen capture)

In a pair of tweets on late Friday night, CNN host Jake Tapper reported that a Department of Defense official claimed Donald Trump was lying when he said he was given collateral damage assessments at the last minute which caused him to call off a military assault on Iran on Thursday night.

According to Tapper: "Defense official tells me: 'Collateral damage assessments or battle damage assessments are one of the first things that happen in these planning meetings when coming up with options for the president."

He then added, "Senior leaders here are confused by the president’s tweets because they were there when he was told about casualties — more than 10 minutes out. He didn’t have to ask the general how many people would die. He had already been told.”

You can see the tweets below: