Ex-White House aide snaps at CNN’s Camerota after she calls out Sarah Sander’s lies
White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders (Screenshot)

In a frequently contentious interview with CNN's Alisyn Camerota, former White House Communications director Anthony Scaramucci snapped at the CNN host when she pointed out exiting White House spokesperson Sarah Sanders' history of lying and attacking the press.

Asked about the timing of Sanders' departure, Scaramucci said the spokesperson had done her time -- one year serving on then-candidate Donald Trump's campaign and two years in the White House.

"She did a great job," Scaramucci attempted. "I know people have mixed views of her in places like this but I love her and think she did a great job and she is as an honest broker."

"Do you think so?" Camerota challenged. "She admitted in the Mueller report that she lied."

"It's very tough, Alisyn," Scaramucci parried.

"That's not being an honest broker to me," the CNN host shot back.

"You're looking for purity and you are not going -- " he replied only to have Camerota cut him off with, " I'm looking for honesty. Can't we count on the press secretary to be honest?"

"Don't be sanctimonious," the ex-Trump aide snapped.

"You don't think that the American public should count on the White House press secretary to be honest?"

"I would tell you to the best of her capability and best of her intent in each and every situation she absolutely tried to do that. Did she make mistakes? Did she say things that she wanted to course correct? No question. Tell me a person in our civilization that hasn't had to do that in their life."

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