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Former Trump executive issues a dire warning: Trump could turn on Bill Barr at any moment



A former executive at the Trump Organization, Barbara Res, told MSNBC’s Ari Melber that

Melber played a clip of a 1992 interview in which Trump lamented that he’s “almost loyal to a fault,” which is why when someone is loyal to him he “looks on it like a great act of horror.” Res chuckled at the video clip. Over the past few years in the White House, Trump has proven that he has very little loyalty to those who were willing to give up everything for him. Michael Cohen is certainly an example of that, as is former Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn.

Res called it “the most nonsensical thing,” noting he says so many nonsensical things.

“He’s not loyal,” she continued. “He’s loyal when he needs you.”

She also noted that Trump would often sue people first when he heard that they were thinking of suing him. He has a perception that somehow the petitioner is always the winner in civil cases. However, Melber noted that in Trump’s case that hasn’t exactly been true. In the Trump University suit, he lost $50 million.

Melber recalled that Trump is “famously hard” on his team and wondered how the president is to someone new that is fulfilling a role others seem to be unable to fill. He used Attorney General Bill Barr as his example, saying that Barr has become his “Roy Cohn,” willing to do anything and everything.


“I don’t know that he trusts them so much. I think he’s got the person that is going to run with his banner. And he gets all excited and he builds the person up,” she recalled.

She said that it depends on how the new person holds up over time whether Trump continues to like them. For now, Barr is in Trump’s good graces, but the president could turn on him at any moment. After Barr’s actions have drawn criticism from both sides of the aisle, it could mean a difficult transition for him after the White House.

Watch Res’ comments below:

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Lawrence O’Donnell aired hard-hitting expose on Trump, Jr — and the president tweets ‘presidential harassment’



MSNBC anchor Lawrence O'Donnell on Tuesday broadcast a hard-hitting segment on Donald Trump, Jr. for defending his father against claims of rape -- despite the fact his own mom made similar allegations.

The host attempted to understand why Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Trump, Jr. are so obidient to Trump when they both used to despise him.

O'Donnell noted a tweet by Trump, Jr. on the latest allegations against his father.


Moments after the segment ended, the president tweeted.


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Here are 5 questions Robert Mueller must answer during his Congressional hearings



Former special counsel Robert Mueller will be testifying publicly before Congress on July 17th, the chairs of the House Judiciary and House Intelligence committees announced on Tuesday.

The special counsel had fought against testifying but was subpoenaed to compel his attendance.

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‘Finally #MuellerTime’: Internet celebrates Mueller’s upcoming public testimony on Russia investigation



On Tuesday, the House Intelligence and Judiciary Committees announced that special counsel Robert Mueller will publicly testify about the Russia investigation's findings before Congress.

Quickly, the internet reacted to the news:

This will really matter, even if Mueller merely repeats what he said in his report. The vast majority of Americans have never read it. https://t.co/ZuRHqbRAEv

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