Fox panelists clash as guest insists examples of Trump's obstruction were really just temper tantrums
Steve Hilton and Jessica Tarlov (Fox News)

A Fox News panel exploded after a guest insisted that President Donald Trump could not be impeached for obstruction -- and that his efforts to derail the special counsel probe were essentially a temper tantrum.

Steve Hilton, who hosts the weekend show "Next Revolution" on Fox News, erupted after panelist Jessica Tarlov agreed with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) that Congress must exercise its oversight powers to investigate Robert Mueller's findings.

"The whole thing is ridiculous because this is not oversight," Hilton said. "This is trying to overturn an election. That’s what this is about. It is ridiculous. As the Wall Street Journal very effectively part of the other day, what are you going to impeach him for?"

"Obstruction of justice," Tarlov said.

"They want to impeach him for obstructing an investigation into a conspiracy that didn't exist," Hilton said.

"You just said it," Tarlov said.

Hilton then argued that Mueller lied during his first public remarks last week, and that Attorney General William Barr had to correct him later.

"He lied directly," Hilton said. "There was a conflict between what he said, which was — he implied that the only reason he didn’t charge the president was because of the (Office of Legal Counsel) opinion, and that conflicted with what the attorney general said later that same day."

"Do you think maybe Bill Barr lied?" Tarlov said.

Hilton dismissed the arguments of hundreds of prosecutors who agree that Mueller's report details multiple instances where Trump obstructed or attempted to obstruct justice.

"No, what they are pointing to her examples of the president losing his temper," Hilton said. "Wouldn't you lose your temper if entire administration was being derailed?"

"It's not illegal to lose your temper!" Hilton added.