GOP ex-lawmaker explains how Don Jr may have just wriggled out of a perjury trap -- thanks to Senate Republicans
David Jolly (MSNBC)

Former Republican lawmaker David Jolly doesn't expect much to come out of Donald Trump Jr.'s closed-door testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee.

The former Florida congressman told MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell that Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC), the committee chairman, had probably called the president's son back to testify so he could clear up inaccurate testimony from his previous appearance.

"Recall when he first announced this, the Republican chairperson took a lot of heat from his fellow Republican senators who publicly admonished him who said this matter is done," Jolly said. "I think the question around Don Jr. being called back is, was this a platform by which he could clarify his previous testimony and avoid any type of perjury trap, where he's lying to the Senate, or was this done to hold his feet to the fire and see if there was a lie that rises to the level of something meaningful for Senate action."

"I think what we have seen under Mitch McConnell's leadership is pretty clear," he added. "The Senate Intelligence Committee probably provided Don Jr. the ability to amend the record, whatever it was he said before. I imagine, as Mitch McConnell said, unfortunately, the plane will be landed safely. Don Jr. probably cleared his name behind closed doors, but we will wait to see what comes out of the Senate."