GOP leadership fears ‘incessant headaches’ as Tea Party Republicans seek to resurrect racist congressman
Steve King speaks to CNN (screen grab)

Republicans are not looking to take back Rep. Steve King ( R-IA), as an effort by a group of Republicans failed to get the disgraced Congressman back on his committee assignments.

King was stripped of his assignments earlier this year after making racist comments.

"The cadre of hard-line conservatives, spearheaded by Rep. Ralph Norman (R-SC), among others, has been trying to round up signatures for a draft petition that would force the GOP to consider reinstating King. The effort, however, has failed to garner enough support in the caucus. The letter needed the backing of 25 lawmakers to raise the issue with the Republican Steering Committee and 50 members to force a closed-ballot vote in the wider GOP conference," a report from Politico said.

However, the rest of the party wants nothing to do with King.

"Steve King's rhetoric has been a thorn in everyone's side for years, and I don't think anyone is eager to return to the incessant headaches that lending him credibility brings," a GOP aide told Politico. "While there may be a very small fraction of his friends that want to help him out, the vast majority of Republicans know that his offensive views haven't changed, and that those views have no place in our party."

King's behavior has not genuinely changed since being booted off of committee assignments. Most recently he made racist comments at a town hall.

"If we presume that every culture is equal and has an equal amount to contribute to our civilization, then we're devaluing the contributions of the people that laid the foundation for America, and that's our founding fathers," King said told one of his constituents. "It is not about race; it's never been about race. It is about culture."