GOP senators 'furious' over Mexico tariffs after Trump officials couldn't answer their basic questions: CNN

CNN reporter Lauren Fox reported on Wednesday that aides to Republican Senators are "furious" with President Donald Trump over his latest efforts to ramp up a trade war with Mexico -- and they only got more angry after coming out of a meeting with White House officials.

Even though the White House arranged a meeting with GOP lawmakers this week to calm their nerves about the president's impending tariffs on Mexican goods, the meeting seems to have had the opposite of its intended effect.

"Republican members and aides that I spoke to out of that meeting were furious about the president's tariffs, and also the fact that those White House and [Department of] Justice officials who they sent yesterday couldn't really answer basic questions about how the president's tariff policy would actually be implemented by Monday," Fox explained to CNN's Poppy Harlow. "That makes it very hard for Republican senators to decide how and whether they are going to act."

Fox then said that Republican Senators' message to the White House about tariffs on Mexico right now is "just don't do it."

"You are talking about a lot of members who have farmers back home, who have industry workers back home, and there is a lot fear that these tariffs could have a big effect on their reelections," she said.

Watch the video below.