HBO 'Real Time' guest Dan Savage rains hell on Alabama conservatives backing Roy Moore: 'They love this alleged child rapist'
Dan Savage -- HBO screenshot

During the"Overtime" segment of HBO's "Real Time," columnist and commentator Dan Savage had nothing good to say about former Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore making another run for one of the state's U.S. Senate seats, and flat out called the Republican an "alleged child rapist."

Asked by host Bill Maher about Moore's chances of securing the nomination, Savage shot back, "He's likely to get the nomination because the Republican base is odious and hateful and he's then going to lose the election again."

Asked if former U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is going to jump in and save Republicans the embarrassment of being saddled with Moore, GOP strategist Liz Mair jumped in to say that there was another potential candidate that the GOP establishment was lining up behind -- but that she couldn't remember his name which led Savage to ridicule his chances.

She then added, "All the polling data that I have seen shows that Alabama Republicans are down with doing this a second time."

"They put him on the state Supreme Court over and over," Savage interrupted. "They love this alleged child rapist."

Watch below: