John Oliver mocks Jared Kushner's Middle East peace plan with 'new' idea to 'stop doing terrorism'
Donald Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner at 'Time' magazine's Time 100 Summit (screengrab)

HBO host John Oliver couldn't help but crack up at Jared Kushner for his naive Middle East peace plan that has taken him the better part of the first term in office to develop.

Harkening back to the inauguration, Oliver showed a clip of Trump saying that if Kushner can't achieve Middle East peace, then it can't be done. The "Last Week Tonight" host agreed with Trump that Jared would do an excellent job because he's racked up such a vast list of accomplishments like having "a very smooth, shiny face."

He explained that Kushner's so-called "plan" is more like a "vision," which is "somewhere between an economic wish-list and a half-remembered, rich boy, wet dream."

The economic plan describes, among other things, a $50 billion investment in Israel and Palestine once peace is achieved.

But when it came to actual peace, the more he talked about it, the less he seemed to say.

"If we have a peace, and there's not a fear of people doing terrorism then all of a sudden we can really fend the borders and allow for much faster flow of goods and people," Kushner told a room full of Middle East leaders.

"Yes, after thinking about it, Jared arrived at the conclusion that the Middle East would be better off if people stopped 'doing terrorism,'" Oliver mocked.

The host then went on to describe the hilarious thought process Kushner had when arriving at that plan. It involved thinking how "awesome" his point was, writing it down, and then he went to sleep, "exhausted by the thought." The next morning when he woke, Jared thought, "Yup, nailed it! I'm a good boy!" Oliver exclaimed.

What the Oliver found shocking is that Kushner then said his point "out loud to a room full of actual human beings."

"Astute analysis," said former Israeli Ambassador Dan Kurtzer. "I would give this so-called plan a C- from an undergraduate student. The authors of the plan clearly understand nothing."

Oliver said, however, that a C- is a trust fund boy's A+.

No Palestinian representatives attend Kushner's gathering. Oliver said it's likely because they don't see the Trump administration as neutral parties. He went on to cite the fact that during a visit, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu slept at Kushner's parents' house, in Jared's bed.

Watch Oliver's hilarious mockery of Kushner below: