Judge drops the hammer on 'possibly criminal' Alex Jones for his unhinged rant against Sandy Hook families
Alex Jones -- screenshot

A Connecticut judge this week sanctioned InfoWars host Alex Jones after he uncorked an unhinged rant against attorneys representing the families of Sandy Hook victims who are suing him for defamation.

CNN reports that Bridgeport Superior Court Judge Barbara Bellis slammed Jones in court on Tuesday and called his attacks on the Sandy Hook families and their attorneys "indefensible," "unconscionable," and "possibly criminal behavior."

Attorneys representing the Sandy Hook families revealed this week that Jones had sent them several pornographic images involving children in a large stash of electronic files that were handed over as part of the discovery process in their defamation suit.

The lawyers say they immediately called the FBI, which found additional illegal images within the files.

“The FBI advised counsel that its review located numerous additional illegal images, which had apparently been sent to InfoWars email addresses,” the attorneys stated in their court filing.

Jones, for his part, went off on an unhinged rant against the attorneys and the Sandy Hook families, who have sued Jones after he falsely claimed that their children were not really killed during a mass shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School that left 28 people dead.

“You’re trying to set me up with child porn, I’ll get your ass,” said Jones, who believed that the images on his computer had been "planted" there. “One million dollars, you little gang members. One million dollars to put your head on a pike.”

Even though Jones said during a Monday InfoWars broadcast that "I'm not saying that the lawyers for the Sandy Hook families set this up or did this," Judge Bellis nonetheless brought down the hammer on him for earlier statements that she said left "no doubt" that he was accusing the attorneys of framing him.