Meghan McCain explodes after declaring herself a ‘sacrificial Republican’ -- and shocks audience with slur against Joy Behar
Meghan McCain (ABC)

Whoopi Goldberg had to cool off a heated argument on "The View" between Joy Behar and Meghan McCain, who complained about being the show's "sacrificial Republican."

McCain mocked Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) for appearing at President Donald Trump's campaign rally in Orlando, where the president belittled him from the stage.

"The transformation is complete," McCain said. "That's what I thought last night, the transformation is complete."

She then warned the other panelists not to overlook the crowd enthusiasm for Trump, and she recalled a conversation with a producer who couldn't understand why the president's supporters loved him so much.

"It's not just they love Trump so much," McCain said, as Behar interrupted her. "They hate the same things Trump hates, that's what's going on."

Behar cut in and asked McCain to specify who or what Trump and his supporters had agreed to hate, and the conservative co-host erupted.

"You know what, Joy, I come here every day open-minded trying to explain it, and it's not a fun job for me," she said. "I know you're angry Trump is president."

Behar admitted she was angry about everything Trump did, and McCain asked her to stop taking out her frustration on her.

"I don't think yelling at me is going to fix the problem," she said. "I just said that it was hard for me to watch this. I just said it was hard for me to watch Lindsey Graham, who I considered an uncle for a long time, okay?"

"2020 is not in the bag for you," McCain warned, as Behar tried to break in. "It's not."

Goldberg stepped in and tried to calm them down.

"Okay, okay, okay," Goldberg said, as the audience applauded. "It's a great discussion, and we can go back to it. I just need everybody to take a beat."

McCain wasn't finished.

"Being the sacrificial Republican every day," she said. "I'm just trying to -- don't feel bad for me, bitch. I'm paid to do this, okay? Don't feel bad for me."

The co-hosts addressed the outburst after a commercial break, when McCain and Behar agreed they frequently hurled the B-word at one another in private conversations, and they insisted they enjoyed their frequent arguments and got along backstage.