Meghan McCain lashes out at 'feminists' after liberal writer calls her marriage 'creepy'
Meghan McCain and Ben Domenech at their wedding. (Screenshot)

Meghan McCain lashed out at a liberal writer who flagged T-shirts sold on the right-wing website run by her husband.

"The View" co-host objected to The Nation's Joan Walsh drawing attention to T-shirts reading "Kamala Harris is a cop" on The Federalist website run by McCain's husband Ben Domenech, and the conservative commentator didn't like it.

McCain complained that her marriage was unfairly scrutinized for political reasons after Walsh described the couple's relationship as "creepy."

"The liberal media is so bizarrely obsessed by my marriage in a way that truly is only projected onto conservative couples," she griped on Twitter. "Do you really think your snarky tweet will impact my marriage? We went through my father’s brain cancer together. Bring your political issues up WITH HIM!"

Domenech has a much lower profile than his wife as the publisher of the murkily funded Federalist website, but he briefly drew widespread attention after profanely attacking NBC talk show host Seth Meyers for attempting to hold McCain accountable for her attacks on Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN).

"Do you hold Ben accountable for everything I say on @TheView?" McCain tweeted. "I know this is a hard concept for some but we are not the same person, believe different things and love and respect each other’s differences. This is why I have no patience or place with third wave modern feminism."

"My husband @bdomenech is the love of my life," McCain added. "I would not have survived my father’s cancer without him. I feel lucky and blessed every day single day for what we have found. We are also - not the same person and have different brains, perspectives and jobs. What a concept."