Morning Joe urges Democratic debaters to destroy Trump: ‘They don’t need to play fair!’
Joe Scarborough -- MSNBC screenshot

During a panel discussion on Wednesday night's first round of Democratic debaters, "Morning Joe" host Joe Scarborough urged the potential candidates participating in the second round to spend more time going after Donald Trump than each other.

While the panel discussed a possible battle between Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and former Vice President Joe Biden, host Scarborough said the candidates need to focus on the one person who needs to be defeated in 2020.

Defending Biden over accusations that he is too touchy-feely, Scarborough asked rhetorically if that was a wise way to go about picking a candidate, "I do wonder if that's because we are in the age of Trump now and Democratic voters are going, 'Wait a second, we're going to disqualify one of ours?'"

Scarborough then went on a rant about Trump, the Democrats and the media's misguided obsessions.

"I've got to say, too, if I'm a Democrat, which I am not, I'm an independent, but if I were a Democrat, the thing that would have made me the angriest this week is the fact that you had Sunday's show saying that Joe Biden might have to drop out of the race because he's been accused of putting his hands on a woman's shoulders," the MSNBC host lectured. "And, I mean, everybody talked about that forever -- the press talked about it, there were all these stories. And yet, this past week a woman accused Donald Trump of forcible rape."

"Not a Sunday show talked about it and papers, editorial writers didn't say, 'Is Donald Trump going to have to jump out of the race?'" he forcefully added. "That's why Democrats need to understand -- I'm sorry, I'm a former Republican -- butI'm saying this: Donald Trump doesn't play fair and they don't need to play fair either. They don't need to destroy their own."

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