MSNBC's Morning Joe challenges 'stubborn' Robert Mueller to explain Trump's corruption to 'laymen' -- not lawyers
Robert Mueller and Joe Scarborough (MSNBC)

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough challenged former special counsel Robert Mueller to state his case against President Donald Trump in plain language, rather than placing himself above the political fray by speaking legalese.

The "Morning Joe" host said tens of millions of Americans would tune into Mueller's scheduled July 17 congressional testimony, but Scarborough wants the special counsel to do a better job explaining the findings from his 22-month Russia investigation than he did in his first public statement last month.

"The only thing I will say there is it is his responsibility as a public servant to explain some of his reasoning and some of his conclusions to lay people across America whose tax dollars paid for him to work on this very important project over the course of a couple of years," Scarborough said.

Scarborough said Mueller needed to get his hands dirty and lay out the evidence proving Trump's corruption in explicit terms, rather than hedging and waiting for Congress to make his case for him.

"So just saying, 'I'm too good to answer these questions,' or, 'I'm going to be stubborn' -- no, no, no, he has a responsibility to explain to the American people, laymen across America who may not have gone to Princeton, who may not have gone to University of Virginia Law School, exactly what he found," Scarborough said.