National Rifle Association’s ‘toxic legal fight’ escalates — the NRA subpoenaed ex-president Oliver North: report
Oliver North appears on Fox Business (Screen Grab)

After a huge breakup between two different sects in the National Rifle Association (NRA), former president Oliver North is being subpoenaed.

According to Daily Beast reporter Betsy Woodruff, court documents show the group served North last month along with Lance Olson and Daniel Boren, all of whom are on the NRA's board.

The subpoena demands documents such as emails sent from April 10 through May 22 about people working for the NRA's ad firm, anything sent about the NRA's Indiana convention about Wayne LaPierre, anything about the group's expenditures, North's expenses and any communications about leaks.

Interestingly, the subpoena dropped about one month after President Donald Trump told the organization to "get its act together quickly."

It's part of a months-long public battle between two groups in the organization battling for the future of the NRA.

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