Pentagon is in 'chaos' as 'incoherent' Trump lurches towards war: Armed Forces Committee Dem
Sen. Gary Peters (D-MI) -- CNN screenshot

Appearing on CNN's "New Day" on the morning after President Donald Trump aborted a military attack on Iran, the top Democrat on the Senate Armed Forces Committee called the president Iran policies incoherent and said the country was in no way prepared to go to war with a Pentagon in "chaos."

Speaking with host John Berman, Sen. Gary Peters (D-MI) said he was pleased that the president aborted the attack on Iran and added that there needs to be way more diplomacy before the United States takes the fateful step of getting into another war in the Middle East.

"So as of 7:00 last night, the planes were in the air," Berman detailed. "As of 8:00, the attack was called off. What message does that send to you and to the world about the coherence of the Trump administration's policies toward Iran?"

"I don't think there's any coherence," Peters replied. "We don't have a strategy to deal with this escalation from the administration. Of course the Department of Defense is in chaos right now -- we have an acting secretary going to another acting secretary and many of the key positions aren't filled."

"It's difficult to engage in these kinds of actions if you don't have coordinating leadership and permanent leadership," he added. "You can't do it when the department is in chaos and you're not engaging your allies."

"Has the Trump administration given you, given Congress a legal justification for military action?" Berman pressed.

"We don't believe so," Peters replied. "We think that Congress needs to take action in terms of authorization of whether or not there's any kind of military force and so that's where we're pushing; that the president doesn't have authorization to go to war with Iran. He needs to come to Congress. Those powers are clear in the United States Constitution and he needs to abide by it."

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