Reporter busts Trump for lies about cheering Londoners: 'Those crowds were not in support of him'
A statute depicts President Donald Trump sitting on a toilet (Screen cap).

President Donald Trump on Tuesday falsely claimed that the thousands of people on the streets of London who were protesting him were actually supporters who were cheering him on.

After Trump's press conference, CNN international diplomatic editor Nic Robertson said he was bewildered by the president's claim that London residents have shown him unwavering support during his time in the city.

"I was intrigued that the president thought he could hear people cheering him as he walked between [10 Downing Street] and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office," Robertson said. "It was quite clear that those crowds were not chanting in support of him."

Robertson said that officials in the U.K. have insulated Trump from seeing the protesters, as police have made sure to keep the major protests away from the areas where the president is traveling.

Despite the president's spin, however, he remains a wildly unpopular figure in the United Kingdom. Recent polling data from YouGov shows that the president is toxic politically in the U.K., as just 21 percent of residents in the country have a favorable opinion of him, while 67 percent have an unfavorable opinion.

Watch the video below.