Rick Wilson hilariously ridicules the ‘formal flip-flops’ and ‘dress cargo pants’ worn by Florida Trump supporters
Rick Wilson appears on CNN/Screenshot

Republican strategist Rick Wilson mocked the attire of the Donald Trump supporters who were bused in from around Florida for his official campaign kickoff in Orlando.

Wilson, a Florida man himself, joined MSNBC's Brian Williams for post-rally analysis on "The 11th Hour."

Williams played a clip of a Trump supporter with sleeveless Trump T-shirt identifying her as a "proud member of the basket of deplorables" explaining why she'll vote to re-elect the president in 2020.

"The main reason? Because he’s one of the best presidents we’ve had for a very long time," the woman argued. "Very long time."

"He doesn’t lie. I know y’all say he does, he doesn’t. He doesn’t," she inaccurately claimed. "And I’m just going to be honest, I’m not trying to be mean, but the way the media treats him, it’s a disgrace."

Wilson, the author of the bestselling 2018 book Everything Trump Touches Dies, offered his analysis.

"First off, it is grievance-palooza," Wilson said. "There is not this affirmative feeling about the greatness of our country or some vision for the future. It is, he is the avatar of my anger, he is going to smite the people I can’t smite."

And there were a lot of people there, classic Florida, a smattering of Q-Anon," he said, referring to the bizarre conspiracy theory.

"There were people wearing their formal flip-flops and their dress cargo pants," he observed.

Wilson described the speech as "a greatest hits tour."

"This is the boy band now reduced to touring the state fair, the same song from a couple of years ago and while there is a niche audience for it, it hasn’t expanded his base one iota," he explained.

"Those folks tonight, Donald Trump can say and do anything and there is no boundary he can cross with them that loses their vote. The ones committed enough to go show up in that room tonight live in a completely separate political sphere that is hermetically sealed," Wilson argued. "They live inside Donald Trump’s definition of reality."

"He can tell them the wall is 3,000 feet long and made of solid gold and has alligator moats and they’ll say of course it does. It is all in their head, of course, but they believe what he tells them and it doesn’t matter," he continued.

"This is something Democrats have to face very quickly is he is going to spout a torrent, a tidal wave of BS in this campaign and they’ll try to play catch up every day and won’t be able to because he can lie with a speed and faculty no one else has ever had," he warned.