Roger Stone calls John Dean's House testimony 'clickbait' -- questions fellow Watergate figure's credibility
Roger Stone speaks to ABC News (screen grab)

President Donald Trump adviser and former campaign adviser Roger Stone ripped previous Watergate witness John Dean on Tuesday in an ABC News podcast.

Dean testified before Congress about special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation on Monday. Stone said that Dean's appearance before Congress was solely for "clickbait."

"I'm not certain why [Dean] was asked to testify today as I don't know what his expertise is in the questioning ... I kind of think he's clickbait," Stone told the ABC News podcast, The Investigation.

He added, "[Dean's] obviously a media star. He's gotten a lot of airtime talking about the scandal based on his previous experience. So I assume he is testifying in order to bring attention to the hearings."

Stone said he denied a request to talk before Congress.

"Stone added that the House Judiciary Committee asked his attorneys for his own possible testimony before Congress, but he maintained that he had to invoke his Fifth Amendment rights due to the ongoing legal proceedings he faces," a report from ABC said.

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