'Scandalous' Trump-loving Franklin Graham is leading evangelicals into the 'abyss of hypocrisy': Christian author
Donald Trump and Franklin Graham (Twitter)

In a column for the conservative Bulwark website, a Christian author took Christian evangelist Franklin Graham to task for aligning himself with Donald Trump -- saying his famous pastor father, Billy Graham, would be appalled.

According to Susan Wright -- author of "But God: Seeking Our Father, Unafraid" -- what Graham is doing with Trump is "scandalous."

What appears to have set Wright off was Graham's call for a national day of prayer for an unrepentant Trump despite his multitude of sins.

"When I spoke to churches and church groups about the civic involvement of Christians, the point I hoped to get across was that we should be so grounded in our faith that we let our values dictate how we view candidates, and our decisions should be based on that. We don’t leave the foundations of our faith at the door to the polling place. We carry them with us and apply them, thusly," she wrote before adding, "What we’ve seen is the perversion of the church’s purpose for the sake of political gain."

"Now, as Christians, we’re called to pray for our leadership. And, Lord knows, Donald Trump is in desperate need of a Damascus Road experience," she lectured. "But there was a tremendous problem with how Graham proposed church leadership instruct their congregations to pray.

Adding, "Franklin Graham knows the weight of his father’s name in the faith community. What Franklin Graham has done to his father’s good name is scandalous."

With that, Wright listed off what she believes are the sins of Graham for abandoning his faith in the search for political power.

"He repeated the false narrative of Trump as the most beleaguered and attacked president in our history, from the 'fake news media, and both parties. (Let’s not tell Lincoln, Reagan, or George W. Bush about this.) she wrote. "He called Trump the most 'Christian-friendly' president in our history, then announced that in 2020, he’d be voting for him. I don’t understand the assertion that Trump is 'Christian-friendly'.”

Stepping back from her Graham criticism, Wright made her case against Trump by writing, "His behavior displays none of the traits that one should see from Christians. He has no self-control. He has no love of anyone beyond his own needs and what they can do for him."

According to the Christian author, she is baffled by Graham and far-right Christians and their love of Trump saying it is unprecedented and that Graham should shoulder a lion's share of the blame.

"I prayed for Trump to have a genuine redemptive moment," she lamented. "Christianity in the United States is losing its influence over the family, the culture, and the world around us. If you want to know why, look no further than men like Franklin Graham, leading the charge into the abyss of hypocrisy."

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