Scathing Washington Post editorial rips Trump's 'ignorant' London visit
White House photo of President Donald Trump at the National Day of Prayer. (Tia DuFour)

On Monday, the editorial board at the Washington Post ripped President Donald Trump's visit to London as "ignorant and unhelpful."

Trump arrived in London greeted by protesters and a city that was not too pleased with his visit.

"Hundreds of thousands of protesters are expected to cram central London Tuesday to reject the U.S. president, beneath a huge orange balloon portraying him as a baby in a diaper," the editorial board wrote.

The board went on to explain the weakening relationship between Britain and the U.S.

"Such substantive discussions as occur between Mr. Trump and Ms. May are likely to be contentious. The two governments are at odds about policy toward Iran, the use of telecommunications equipment from China's Huawei and climate change, among other issues. In interviews with the British press, Mr. Trump offered ignorant and unhelpful advice about the Brexit impasse, suggesting that far right anti-E.U. Campaigner Nigel Farage be dispatched to negotiate the new relationship or that Britain simply 'walk away' from a deal with Brussels," they wrote.

They noted that 70 percent of Britons disapprove of Trump and that even though historical bonds of the two countries are keen that this week will go down as a "low moment."

Read the full editorial here.