Senior GOP lawmaker privately confides Trump is 'impeachable' if he gets foreign help with campaign: CNN analyst
President Donald Trump. (AFP Photo/MANDEL NGAN)

During a panel discussion on Donald Trump's explosive admission that he would be open to foreign help in the next election, a CNN correspondent said that a senior Republican claimed the president was flirting with impeachment.

Speaking with host Kate Bolduan, CNN special correspondent Jamie Gangel related a conversation she had with the unidentified Republican.

"Just when they thought it was safe to come out, they're looking for a bigger desk to hide under," Gangel quipped. "But there is -- we are hearing things on background which means they're willing to talk to us, but they don't want to attach their names to it."

"Right, Bolduan prodded.

"I spoke to a senior Republican who said to me today honestly, bottom line, 'it's really bad. It's really, really bad and he [Trump] shouldn't say it, she recalled before adding, "And if he were to do it, it would be impeachable."

"That from a Republican?" the surprised CNN host asked.

"That's from a Republican," Gangel confirmed.

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