'Stinking rich' Steve Mnuchin should be fined $25K a day until he hands over Trump's taxes: Dem lawmaker
Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin poses with his wife Louise Linton while holding a sheet full of dollars (Twitter photo).

A Democratic lawmaker told CNN's Poppy Harlow on Tuesday that Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin is going to have to hand over President Donald Trump's federal tax returns or else face crushing fines.

During a CNN interview, Rep. Brendan Boyle (D-PA) outlined steps that House Democrats can take to force Mnuchin's hand and make him obey a clearly written law that says he shall furnish Trump's taxes upon request.

"Secretary Mnuchin's own internal lawyers found he had absolutely no discretion to refuse what is clearly stated in the law, and that is to turn over the tax returns once they have been requested by the chair of the House Ways and Means Committee," Boyle said. "We have the ability to fine, I believe, upwards of $25,000 a day civilly. I think we should do that."

Boyle was more hesitant when Harlow asked him if jailing Mnuchin was on the table, but he said that massive fines should be more than enough to send a message.

"Once you start fining someone $25,000 a day -- I don't have $25,000 even for one day," he said. "So I think you get someone's attention, even someone as stinking rich as Steve Mnuchin."

Watch the video below.