'That's just a lie': Morning Joe and Mika shame Mike Pence for ignoring the Bible to help Trump 'torture' migrant children
Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough (MSNBC)

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski shamed Vice President Mike Pence for lying about the Trump administration's treatment of migrant children at the border.

The vice president disputed multiple reports and the administration's own lawyers about conditions at the detention facilities and blamed congressional Democrats for overcrowding, and the "Morning Joe" co-hosts condemned the self-professed Christian's statements.

"That's just a lie," Scarborough said.

"You're pathetic," Brzezinski said, and called him out for "chortling" as he justified the harsh treatment of children.

"Mike Pence is lying about children living in torturous positions right there," Scarborough continued. "Mike Pence, who claims to be a Christian -- I'm sure he is, I'm not questioning his faith, but he uses it as a political badge of honor."

"Mike should read the Gospels again and see what Jesus says about the treatment of little children," he added. "You can start at Luke 17:2, something about millstones being hung around people's neck. You've got to explain to us what does the administration think they are gaining by allowing children to walk around with lice and walk around without diapers and 8-year-olds having to take care of 2 or 3-year-olds? What does the administration think they gain from that?"

Scarborough called out evangelical leaders and other self-professed Christian lawmakers for standing silent about the administration's cruelty to children.

"Do Republican senators, I'm dead serious, I know a lot of them -- a lot of them also men and women of faith," he said. "Do they think that this is permissible with the Christian faith they claim, and also being members of the United States Senate, do they think this is permissible?"

"They're living in squalor," Scarborough added. "They're living like animals, they're living like dogs, because of the United States of America."