The British sucked up to Trump during his visit even though the rest of Europe thinks he's 'insane': MSNBC contributor
Christopher Dickey- MSNBC screenshot

During a panel of discussion on Donald Trump's United Kingdom sojourn, an MSNBC contributor said that many countries ignored his antics and that Europe in general considers the so-called leader of the free world "insane."

Speaking with AM Joy host Joy Reid, MSNBC contributor Christopher Dickey was asked about Trump's decision to sign a D-Day proclamation at the top away from other world leader's signatures and how it was viewed.

"They didn't pay much attention to him at all, they essentially ignored it," Dickey dryly replied. "In France, the D-Day celebrations and Trump's part was carried deep inside the newspapers, they didn't pay attention."

"The British are a little more aggressive in their dealings with Trump because they are about to pull out of the European Union and they need the American support," he continued. "He's giving them bad advice and we have a situation where Britain is going crazy either pro or con with Donald Trump and the rest of Europe has always thought he was insane and a loose cannon and are praying he doesn't get elected."

You can watch below: